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Information on Plays: Some in Progress, Some Available for Production/Publication

The Mermaid Wars
Currently in development.
In August, 2001, The United States was the victim of a surprise attack by mermaids.

“The Student and the Mathematician”
Based on Aesop’s fable “Hercules and the Wagoner,” published as part of the collection Aesop Refabled.
Available from YouthPLAYS.

KONG: A Goddamn Thirty-Foot Gorilla
In 1933, a giant gorilla was captured in the wild and brought to New York City. This was a terrible idea. This play offers a retelling and deconstruction of this story, commentary on the 1933 film, and dinosaur fights. You’ve never seen an ape this large on a stage this small.
More information on the KONG page.

Earthbound: An Electronica Musical
Book by Adam Hahn
Music by Jonathan Price
Lyrics by Chana Wise
Earthbound is a musical drama set on the space station Miami, where generations of inhabitants have looked longingly at the blue planet beneath them, awaiting their chance to go home. Now only seven remain, and not all of them want to keep waiting.
More information on the Earthbound page.

Designed as a companion piece to Sophocles’ version of Antigone, Haemon is a set in the city of Thebes as a generations-long curse is finally lifting. Creon is the new king, and he will sentence the former princess Antigone to death. Between them is Haemon, Creon’s son and Antigone’s lover.
2011, Summer: Accepted as my MFA thesis in the Playwright’s Lab at Hollins University.
2011, Summer: Read in Hollins Playwrights Lab Festival of Student Readings.

Michael Conroy keeps waking up in hospital rooms. He has had to learn to walk three times: once as a child, a second time after the car accident that killed his parents, and a third time after crashing his motorcycle. Limping toward his law degree, his student loan debt is now hundred of thousands of dollars. He wakes up in another hospital room, fighting through memories of one more crash, a girlfriend that no one will talk to him about, and a foster brother obsessed with a certain early-eighties video game.
More information on the Frogger page.

Feedback Loop
Feedback Loop is a full-length monologue about love, failure, depression, science, and bad science fiction movies. Alex is a brilliant physicist who left academia in a desperate attempt to reverse his girlfriend’s suicide. He has been trying and failing to save her for the past ten years. Today, he drags his best friend into a hotel room and decides to try to save himself.
More information on the Feedback Loop page.

The Ache
A Prizefighter, a Showgirl, and their two daughters leave Las Vegas half-swallowed by dust. They head west, trying to outrun The Ache.
2010, Summer: Read in Studio Roanoke’s EXPOSED! new play reading festival, Roanoke, VA.

Dear Abe
Dear Abe is the story of two brothers, the sons of deceased advice columnist Abe Mann. When the prodigal son Abe Junior returns to the tropical island where Abe Senior built a resort hotel, no primate, pineapple, or tourist is safe.
More information on the Dear Abe page.

The Prom
A one-act absurdist play steeped in the long, sad tradition of high school movies and actual high school.
2010, Spring: Staged reading at Studio Roanoke, Roanoke, VA.


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