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KONG: A Goddamn Thirty-Foot Gorilla

In 1933, a giant gorilla was captured in the wild and brought to New York City. This was a terrible idea. This play offers a retelling and deconstruction of this story, commentary on the 1933 film, and dinosaur fights. You’ve never seen an ape this large on a stage this small.

The History of KONG

2012, Fall: Premiere directed by Jaime Robledo, SkyPilot Theatre, Los Angeles.
The LA Times called us a “Towering Comedy
LA Weekly said GO for some “deliciously amusing rewards says the show was, “Now terrorizing audiences with uncontrollable laughter and audible guffaws
NoHo Arts District said, “You MUST stop and see the legend himself – King Kong,” and called the show, “a fun, frolic of passion comedy adventure and aud


ience participation
Accessibly Live Off-Line called it, “a satire that is too funny for words!
And the Tolucan Times said, “With riotous visuals, an insane plot line, and zany reoccurring audience participation weaved in … there is much fun and endless belly laughs to be had!

2011, Summer: Staged reading directed by Kenley Smith at Studio Roanoke, Roanoke, VA.
Pictures on the Studio Roanoke Guerilla Playhouse page:

2010, Fall: Read at SkyPilot Theatre Company, Los Angeles

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